Grant Green (St. Louis (Missouri), 1935 - June 6, New York31 January 1979) was a jazzguitarist and composer.

Green played different styles including hard bopsoul jazz , bebopand blues. During the bebop era, he a reintroduction of the guitar as a solo instrument in jazz. Of Green is that he was a great admirer of Charlie Christian and Charlie Parker was.

Musical career[Edit][edit | edit source]

After having made his debut in 1959, as a guitarist in the quintet by Jimmy ForrestLou Donaldson Grant came at the invitation of to New York in 1960. Its base in the R & B, combined with his skills in the bebop and its simplicity prefers technical expertise, that expression makes Grant to a versatile guitarist: bebop, R & B, blues, standard works, ballads, Boogie Woogiejazz funkacid jazz, were among his executed styles.

Especially in the first 5 years after his arrival in New York, Grant was a busy man. He played with Lou Donaldson, Stanley TurrentineBaby Face WilletteBig John Patton,Brother Jack McDuffLarry YoungHank MobleyLee Morgan and Herbie Hancock. As a result, he quickly became a celebrity among the jazz guitarists, so much thatGeorge Benson once said:

"Everyone wanted to sound like Grant!"

After 1967 was Grant hardly active as a musician because of his drug addiction. As a result of his addiction he had to do with a fragile health. He began to play and record again in 1969, in which he also hit a new road. His works from 1969 are more commercially oriented, take its course to more funk-jazz and acid-jazz-oriented music he made with men as Idris MuhammedReuben WilsonRusty BryantCharles KynardNeal CrequeHouston Person and Ronnie Foster.

Criticisms[Edit][edit | edit source]

Critics Michael Erlewine and Ron Wynn described him as[1 :


A severely underrated player during his lifetime, Grant Green is one of the great unsung heroes of jazz guitar ... Green's playing is immediately recognizable--perhaps more than any other guitarist.


Important works[Edit][edit | edit source]

Album Year Cooperation Tag
All The Gin Is Gone/Blackforrest 1959 Jimmy Forrest Quintet Delmark Records
Space Flight 1960 Sam Lazar Quartet Argo/Chess
First Session 1960 Blue Note Records
Here ' Tis 1961 Lou Donaldson Quartet Blue Note Records
Grant's First Stand 1961 Blue Note Records
Face To Face 1961 "Baby Face" Willette Quartet Blue Note Records
The Honeydripper 1961 Brother Jack McDuff Quartet Prestige Records
Up At Minton's 1961 Stanley Turrentine Quartet Blue Note Records
Workout 1961 Hank Mobley Quintet Blue Note Records.
Stop And Listen 1961 "Baby Face" Willette Trio Blue Note Records
Green Street 1961 Blue Note Records
Sunday Mornin 1961 Blue Note Records
Up And Down 1961 Horace Parlan Quintet Blue Note Records
Steppin' Out 1961 Brother Jack McDuff Quartet Prestige Records
Z.T. 's Blues 1961 Stanley Turrentine Quintet Blue Note Records
The Fashion 1961 Sonny Red Quintet Jazzland Records
Blue And Sentimental 1961 Ike Quebec Quartet Blue Note Records
Green Blues 1961 Muse Records
Born to be Blue 1961 Blue Note Records
Grandstand 1961 Blue Note Records
The Complete Quartets With Sonny Clark 1961, 1962 Blue Note Records
Standards 1961 Blue Note Records
The Latin Bit 1962 Blue Note Records
Feelin' The Spirit 1962 Blue Note Records
I'm Movin' On 1963 Jimmy Smith Trio Blue Note Records
Am I Blue 1963 Blue Note Records
Idle Moments 1963 Blue Note Records
Happy Frame Of Mind 1963 Horace Parlan Sextet Blue Note Records
Blues For Lou 1963 Blue Note Records
My Point Of View 1963 Herbie Hancock Sextet Blue Note Records
Two Souls In One 1963 George Braith Quartet Blue Note Records
Solid 1964 Blue Note Records
Search For The New Land 1964 Lee Morgan Sextet Blue Note Records
Talkin' About 1964 Blue Note Records
Street of Dreams 1964 Blue Note Records
Into Somethin 1964 Larry Young Quartet Blue Note Records
I Want To Hold Your Hand 1965 Blue Note Records
His Majesty King Funk 1965 Grant Green Quintet Verve Records
Matador 1965 Blue Note Records
Alive! 1970 Blue Note Records
Visions 1971 Blue Note Records
Live at the Lighthouse 1972 Blue Note Records
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