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Artist: David Byrne

Date Released: March 2004

Label: Nonesuch

Produced By: David Byrne and Pat Dillett


  1. "Glass, Concrete & Stone"
  2. "The Man Who Loved Beer"
  3. "Au Fond du Temple Saint"
  4. "Empire"
  5. "Tiny Apocalypse"
  6. "She Only Sleeps"
  7. "Dialog Box"
  8. "The Other Side of This Life"
  9. "Why"
  10. "Pirates"
  11. "Civilization"
  12. "Astronaut"
  13. "Glad"
  14. "Un di Felice, Eterea"
  15. "Lazy"


I think this is 2004, but maybe it's 2003. I almost didn't get this record, actually. Most of the reviews about it were "This is David Byrne's opera album! It's opera! OPERA!!!" and since I can't really get into opera, I avoided it. But I was in a Tower a few months ago, and they had it in the listening kiosk, so I punched it up. "Glass, Concrete & Stone" was such a beautiful song that I bought the record right there (even though I could have found a better price elsewhere, since, you know, Tower.) As for the Opera thing? Well, he does a couple arias, but he sings them like David Byrne -- he doesn't go for an operatic reading or anything, which is both surprising and works. It's almost like a standard David Byrne song, only in Italian. Also, the US edition has "Lazy", which is a great dance-type song. Byrne's new DVD Live At Union Chapel is pretty great too—there's an exquisite version of "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" on that. Of course, that's probably my favorite Talking Heads song (and one of my favorite songs ever by anyone), so of course I'd say it's worth checking out. - Rev. Syung Myung Me