Guy Lombardo, born Gaetano Albert Lombardo, (London (Ontario)19 June 1902 - november 5, 1977) was a Canadian-American violinist and bandleader.

In 1924 he formed a dance Orchestra, which, inter alia, his brothers Carmen and Victor Lombardo (saxophone) and Lebert Lombardo (trumpet) were playing. Also his younger sister Rose Marie would sing with the Orchestra in the 1940s. They made their first record for Gennett recording in 1924 and with their accessible dance music, that they themselves as "The sweetest music this side of heaven" labeled, they sold hundreds of thousands of plates in the 1920s. From 1929 they were based in the United States, first in ClevelandChicago and later in New York City. As "Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians", they were soon the most popular dance Orchestra of the United States.

Guy Lombardo Orchestra In 1934 was one of the first acts signed to newly formed record label Decca Records. During the next twenty years would be that a large number of recordings of his Orchestra back. During more than 100 million records sold his life Lombardo. The Orchestra was also known thanks to the radio broadcasts of their performances.

In 1938, Guy Lombardo American citizen. In the 1940s, he was also a well known and successful speedboatcoureur.

The annual new year's concert of the Royal Canadians, that directly from the Roosevelt Hotel in New York was broadcast on the radio, grew into a National Institute. After the Roosevelt closed the tradition was continued in the Lombardo Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to in 1976. Made In 1977 heart problems ended his career. He died on 5 november of that year. His recording of "Auld Lang Syne" is still played on Times Square at the turn of the year.

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