Artist: Chappie

Album: New Chappie

Appears On (Mixes): Revme.Vox.Com

Song Notes: This is a song which has the supreme honor of being cut from the original lineups of not just one, but TWO of my mix discs. First, it was going to be on "I'm A Wound And A Sword, A Victim And Executioner", as it's only released in Japan, but got cut, as I had way too much Japanese stuff on there as is (hey, I dig J-Pop). After that, I was going to put it on "Pray For My TV Show", but it ended up getting cut from that, too. So, there you go. At least now it's on here! (Hell, I think I even might have had it on an early, early version of the most recent Dub Club mix, too...) Anyway, Chappie's a pretty interesting thing—it's an art project/design firm (you may have seen them if you went to the touring Superflat exhibit organized by Takeshi Murakami) -- their iconic images typically have loads of identical people—at Superflat, it was a phalanx of mannequins, actually. It actually looked really, well, DEVO. The thing is, in Japan, Chappie became sort of a phenomenon, and after postcards and posters and shirts and etc, they actually finally released an official Chappie record album. Most of it is pretty straight-forward J-Pop, but there's a few tracks which are a bit more experimental, at least with the forms of Pop (think a bit more along the lines of Pizzicato Five). So, anyway, though, here is a cut from the record, finally, so I can finally share this one! Hooray! - Rev. Syung Myung Me