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Heavens There For Those is the official debut album by GAZA. Currently it has no set release date.


GAZA stated that he would work on a solo album after the releases of All I Ever Wanted and The Creed, slated to be around 2012. An incomplete version of the a song called Footsteps was leaked onto the internet by GAZA himself (a supposed single, but was actually moved as a bonus-track on his The 19th Wisdom project). GAZA stated that the album would incorporate a lot of soulful elements, looking to Donny Hathaway, The Stylistics and David Ruffin for inspiration. He stated that the album would probably be about 10 tracks long. GAZA is to be working on the album So Far To Go to give more time on this project.

Production & FeaturesEdit

GAZA stated he was seeking some production from Sugar Cane Davis to give the album a more organic feel.

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