Highly Evolved is the 2002 debut album by Australian rock band The Vines. It was released with critical acclaim. At the time, people called them "The next Nirvana". It was featured in the books 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die and 100 Best Australian Albums. The album is mostly known for there very populare song "Get Free".


The album's recording process started on July 2001 and ended on Feburary of 2002. The album was recorded and mixed at The Sound Factory which is located at Hollywood, California. Track 8, "Factory", was previously released in 2001 as a 7" single. The album has a number of drummers because David Oliffe, the original drummer for The Vines, left during the recording process and the band hired different drummers for the rest of the album before they got Hammish Rosser to replace David during 2002.

Track listingEdit

  1. Highly Evolved
  2. Autumn Shade
  3. Outtatheway!
  4. Sunshinin'
  5. Homesick
  6. Get Free
  7. Country Yard
  8. Factory
  9. In The Jungle
  10. Mary Jayne
  11. Ain't No Room
  12. 1969


The albums lead single was the title track, "Highly Evolved", was not that much of a hit. It's following single, however, "Get Free" was a complete success for its fast-paced grunge music. "Outtatheway!", the third songle, was just as populare. The fourth and final single, "Homesick", was not as much as a hit, and most people did not notice that this was a single release.


The Vines are-

  • Craig Niccoals - Vocals, Guitar
  • Patrick Matthews - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • David Oliffe - Drums on tracks 1-4, 7, 10, and 12
  • Joey Walker - Drums on "Get Free"
  • Pete Thomas - Drums on tracks 8, 11, and 5
  • Victor Indrizzo - Drums on "In The Jungle"


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