Creator of the Mix: The Stack

Initial Notes About The Mix: This mixx was designed to listen to on a short lunch break. I call it "hipster friendly country" because it is country, or country like music, that you can listen to without having every hipster in a 20 mile radius want to kill you. You can also listen to it without your parents and grandparents yelling "Turn that junk off!" What I like about this, is it is mostly sad songs (great for rainy days) but it still ends on happy note. I hate having mixxes end on sad notes.

Notes About the Songs: "A Satisfied Mind" was on the Kill Bill Vol. 2 soundtrack. "There's A Tear In My Beer" was redone was by Hank Williams, Jr. In the music video they actually took footage of Hank Sr. playing the song and then edited in Hank Jr. playing along. This is the only jam the poor guy ever got to do with his dad.


1. Joan Jett Of Arc - Clem Snide
2. The Captain - Kasey Chambers
3. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Willie Nelson
4. A Satisfied Mind - Johnny Cash
5. Portland, Oregon - Loretta Lynn (duet with Jack White)
6. There's A Tear In My Beer - Hank Williams, Sr.
7. Riot In Cell Block 9 - Wanda Jackson