Hole was an American grunge band of singer Courtney Love.


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The band was formed in Los Angeles when Love, who has been in several previous bands played, guitarist Eric Erlandson had found through a newspaper ad. Bassist Jill Emery and drummer Caroline Rue were added, after which the band recorded its first album with Sonic Youths Kim Gordon as a producer. The album was rawer and wilder than the later work of the band.

After the marriage of Love and Cobain in 1992 was a turbulent time with a lot of press attention. When this had subsided a bit in 1994 came from Live Through This , Hole second album. Emery and Rue were now replaced by Kristen Pfaff on bass guitar and Patty Schemel on drums. It has been speculated that Cobain would have written the album, but there's never proof for found. Critics were enthusiastic about the album, and it would eventually also Hole commercial break-through turn out, but Cobain was found dead four days before the issue. Also Pfaff, died two months later of a heroin overdose . Despite these setbacks began touring anyway a few months later, Hole withMelissa Auf der Maur replacing Pfaff. Doll Parts was issued as a single and did it nice.

Then did the group take it easy and went Love themselves some focus more on her acting career. The result were rumors in the press about a possible lifting of the band.To reassure the fans there were two albums with old recordings issued.

The successor to Live Through This came in 1998: Celebrity Skin, to which Billy Corgan worked as a consultant. However, even before the accompanying tour left the band and was replaced by Schemel Samantha Maloney. But by the end of the tour played Auf der Maur now at the Smashing Pumpkins and was Maloney stand-in atMötley Crüe. Despite the success of Celebrity Skin was Love unhappy with record company Universal Music Group and tried them under Holes contract for five more albums to come out.

In 2001 announced to start a new band, Love to Bastard, with which the days of Hole counted laymen. Despite a record deal, however, the group quickly fell apart. In 2002, however, the leaving Love Hole announced.

Announced in June 2009 a reunion of Hole led in april 2010 to the album nobody's Daughter. In 2012 was the reunification over again.


Regular albums[Edit]Edit

  1. Pretty on the inside (1991)
  2. Live through this (1994)
  3. Celebrity Skin (1998)
  4. Nobody's Daughter (2010)


  1. Retard Girl (1990)
  2. Dicknail (1991)
  3. Teenage Whore (1991)
  4. Beautiful Son (1993)
  5. Miss World (1994)
  6. Doll Parts (1995)
  7. Violet (1995)
  8. Softer, Softest (1995)
  9. Gold Dust Woman (1996)
  10. Celebrity Skin (1998)
  11. Malibu (1998)
  12. Awful (1999)
  13. Be a Man (2000)
  14. Skinny Little Bitch (2010)
  15. Pacific Coast Highway (2010)
  16. Letter to God (2010)


  1. Retard girl (1991, EP)
  2. Ask for it (1995, EP)
  3. My body, the hand grenade (1997; compilation)
  4. The first session (1997, re-issue of 1)
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