How Do You Do It? is a song that was written by the English songwriter Mitch Murray. The song was a hit in 1963 in the version of Gerry & the pacemakers.

The singer asks his lover how to make him fall in love with the hair manage to. If he knows, he can lash out at her the same trick.

History of the song[Edit]Edit

The song was first offered to singer Adam Faith, but who saw nothing in George Martin., the future producer of The Beatles, thought it was a nice number, and tried to persuade The Beatles to record it. The group, who was then outside Liverpool still hardly was known, saw little in. The song seemed too much like the standard repertoire that was usual at that time. The Beatles wanted to come up with something new. On 4 september 1962 they took the number still on in the Abbey Road Studios in London, together with their own number Love Me Do. It was the first recording session where Ringo Starr as drummer.

The Beatles saw many more in their own number, and that was also their first single and eventually with a 17th place in the also hit their first UK Singles Chart .

The Beatles ' version of How Do You Do It? was first released on the compilation album Anthology 1 in 1995. [1]

The occupation of the song was:

George Martin, who was convinced of the hitpotentie of the song, were looking for a new candidate for How Do You Do It? That was Gerry Marsden of Gerry & the pacemakers, also a group from Liverpool and like The Beatles managed by Brian Epstein. On January 22, 1963 the group put the number on the plate and followed it closely the example of The Beatles. Martin had their that recording. The plate, the first of Marsden and his group, came on the market in March 1963 and took out the first place in the UK Singles Chart. The successor of this song, I Like It, which was released in May 1963, was also written by Mitch Murray and reached the first place.

In the United States only the number came out in July 1964. There took it in september of that year the ninth place in the Billboard Hot 100. [2]

In Netherlands took out How Do You Do It? the 29th place, but along with a cover version by Rob de Nijs. [3]

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

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A cover version[Edit]Edit

Apart from Rob de Nijs, the song is also recorded by The Supremes on their album A Bit of Liverpool from 1964, on which eleven British hits from the early sixties .

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