"I Go Wild" is a song by The Rolling Stones featured on their 1994 album Voodoo Lounge. Credited to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, "I Go Wild" is largely a Jagger composition.[1]

On its creation, Jagger said in 1994, "'I Go Wild', I suppose, is the one I play (guitar) on most. I mean, I just created it on guitar with Charlie [Watts], as a groove. And we more or less had the whole song down before we took it to anyone else."[1] On the song overall, Jagger said, " I like that song. I really got into the lyrics on that one. One of the wordy ones."

A straight forward rock song, "I Go Wild"'s lyrics tell of the singer's relationship with an unnamed "femme fatale";

And the doctor says you'll be okay, And if you'd only stay away; From femme fatales and dirty bitches, And daylight drabs and nighttime witches, And working girls and blue stockings, And dance hall babes and body poppers,

And waitresses with broken noses, Checkout girls striking poses, And politicians' garish wives, With alcoholic cunts like knives

I go wild when you're in my face; I go wild when I taste your taste;

I go wild and I go insane; I get sick - somebody stop this pain

"I Go Wild" was recorded between the months of July and August and November and December 1993 at Sandymount Studios, Ireland and A&M Recording Studios, Los Angeles.[1] With Jagger on lead vocals, Richards and Ron Wood accompany him on electric guitars. Charlie Watts performs drums while Darryl Jones performs bass. Chuck Leavell performs the song's organ while Phil Jones incorporate percussion. Jagger, Richards, Bernard Fowler, and Ivan Nevilleperform backing vocals.[2]

"I Go Wild" was released as the fourth single from Voodoo Lounge on July 3, 1995. It reached number 29 on the UK singles chart. A video was shot at Ex-templo de San Lázaro in Mexico City right before the Stones' fourteen stadium tour of South America. The song performed throughout the 1994-1995 Voodoo Lounge Tour,[1] but has yet to be included on any live albums or compilations; however, a live version was one of the b-sides to the song's maxi-single.

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