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Ibis consists of two practioners of tantra who relate their inner experiences through music.

Tantra is an ancient science bringing unity in all aspects of the human experience, linking sexuality, psychology and spirituality in a beautiful coherent system.

The music works by creating inner forms and vibrations which suggest a deep meditative space within ourselves, that is then transferred to the listener through the vibrations of the music.
The way of composition reflects a deep consciousness of harmony and vibration, and is merely vibrational and melodic than structural. Relying on natural flows and improvisation it reflects the nature of our deepest states of being, both emotionally and spiritually.
The method of composition is likely to be expressed as the skill of “hearing a state”. The creation of the music is relying on a deep meditative practise and yearlong practise of various ancient spiritual techniques, leading to the ability of hearing spiritual states and translating them into music. Ibis has visited more then 45 countries practising meditation in both well known and remote areas of our planet, being always opening to the specific energies of different places- both the humanly created and the remarkable creations of nature.


  • Hans Hvass
  • Mariah Claiere



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  • Kali


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