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Ilse Werner (Batavia11 July 1921 —- LübeckAugust 8, 2005) was a German actress and singer. During the Second World War she played the lead role in popular German films if That schwedische Nachtigall (1941), in which she played the ideal Aryan woman. After World War II, she was therefore accused of propaganda for thenazi's and she got of the allies a temporary Professional ban.

Ilse Werner was born Ilse Charlotte Still in 1921 in BataviaDutch East Indies (now JakartaIndonesia). She was half-Dutch: her father was a Dutch merchant. Her mother, Lilli Werner was originally German. In 1931 , the family moved to Frankfurt. Ilse was at a young age already on the shelves. She studied with Max Reinhardt. in1937 she made her debut on stage, and in 1938 she starred in her first movie for the UFAfilm studios.

During the second world war they enjoyed and the movies in which she played large popularity. Especially That schwedische Nachtigall Wunschkonzert, and Wir machen Musik were big successes. They also showed her talent in singing and flute this time. By dint of its cooperation had granted to making nazi films Ilse got after World War II a professional ban for four years. Those four years she earned her bread especially with dubbing American films.

From 1948 to 1956 she played again in movies, but the success stayed away. Over time she hit in an entirely different way. With her singing-to keep the talent they knew attention & flute. With the song "Baciare" in 1960 , she scored a top-tienhit in Netherlands, among others. They also played some roles in the theatre and on tv, including in a German soap opera.

Ilse Werner died in her sleep In August 2005 in Lübeck. She is 84 years old.


  • Unruhigen Mädchen Which (1938)
  • Frau Rajnish (1938)
  • Das Leben kann so schön sein (1938)
  • Bel Ami (1939)
  • Ball paré (1940)
  • Wunschkonzert (1940)
  • Schwedische Nachtigall Which (1941)
  • Wir machen Musik (1942)
  • Hochzeit auf dem Bärenhof (1942)
  • Münchhausen (1943)
  • Große Freiheit Nr. 7 (1944)
  • Epilog (1950)
  • Gute gestörte Hochzeitsnacht Night, Mary/Die (1950)
  • Königin einer Night (1951)
  • I have given up the Mutter sein sehr (1951)
  • Der Vogelhändler (1953)
  • Ännchen von Tharau (1954)
  • Der Griff nach den Sternen (1955)
  • That Herrin vom Sölderhof (1956)
  • That Hi-Sisters (1990)