Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Founded: 1990s

Founded by: Henry Rollins

Link: n/a


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Infinite Zero was Henry Rollins' reissue imprint on American Recordings when American was still part of Warner Brothers. He reissued expanded and remastered versions of albums by his favorite bands that were often ignored (including the very well done remasters of most of DEVO's output), and other stuff he thought was worthy of rediscovery. Unfortunately, when American moved out of the Warner Brothers stable, Infinite Zero didn't make the jump, and these albums all went out of print again. Infinite Zero re-issues tend to get quite a bit of money on eBay and other sites, due to their high quality. If only Warner Brothers would re-issue them as Infinite Zero did (instead of not at all, or in the case of DEVO, in severely lacking versions on Collectibles)...

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