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Isidore Kaufman (Syracuse8 February 1890 - Indio3 January 1976) was an American Vaudevillesinger, artist and plates-artist. He he also appeared on Broadway.

He was the son of a Russian immigrant, and was the youngest of five brothers. With Philip and Jack (later also plates artists), he performed in Vaudeville theaters. He was a member of the Jenny Eddy Trio and, later, lead singer of Band Merrick's. In 1914 he took on for the first time in New York . the song was called ' I Love Ladies ' released on cylinder. In the years that followed he took on for the labels Victor and Columbia. In 1922, he participated with brother Jack the hit ' Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Sheen ' on. Arthur Fields With the two brothers formed the trio The Three Kaufields. Irving took on further with singer Vaughn de Leath. He was one of the top artists of the 1920s. Also in the 1930s and 1940s he took during that period he Also did on plates. radio work. He was the lead singer of some nostalgia-bands and has performed on Broadway, including in ' Street Scene ' by Kurt Weill. After a heart attack in 1949 he largely stopped working in the music business.