Artist: Blondie

Album: The Hunter

Appears On (Mixes): Aila's Mp3 Of The Week

Song Notes: Since I'll be seeing Blondie in about 35 hours from now, I thought I should post a song of theirs. This is the lead single from their much-maligned last album before the "breakup" (after which they reformed of course - 15 years later!) "The Hunter." This song is often criticised for being too much like "The Tide Is High," and I can kind of see that, but for me it's got it's own style and charm and it's one of the great Blondie songs. Their newer stuff (the last two records) is also fantastic incidentally, they're one of the rare bands who haven't been awful after being around a very long time (and/or reforming after a long time). - Ailas