Jerry Allison (Hillsboro31 August 1939) is an American drummer and songwriter. He played with Buddy Holly and was also one of the founders of The Crickets, where Allison after the death of Holly was the driving force of. He is the writer behind multiple songs and wrote their biggest hit for example fellow Peggy Sue. He is included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Allison trad on as drummer when he was in the strap of the ninth grade of the lower school. His first professional performances were in a duo with Buddy Holly in and around Lubbock in Texas. From its simple instrument he knew before then to bring forth a wide variety of drum rhythms. He played on a bass drumcymbals and occasionally on a eensnarige guitar. He can also be heard in some of the first recordings of Holly in 1956, although there still no successes arose. He also played this year along with Holly, Sonny Curtis and Don Guess at The The Three Tunes.

In 1957, Holly (vocals and guitar), Allison (drums) and Joe Mauldin (double bass) the trio settled The Crickets, extended with Niki Sullivan as a second guitarist. Allison is seen as one of the first drummers of meaning from the rockabillyand rock and rolltijdperk. From the rhythmic cooperation between Allison and Mauldin came a distinctive sound that inspired many other musicians, including Keith Moon of The Who that Allisons drum sound in the 1960s took as an example.

He also wrote songs, alone or with others, in time with Holly and also in the decades afterwards. Though this is not always recognizable by the accountability on the record itself. For example its share to the number Not fade away unjustly not be accounted for. He is also one of the writers behind the song Peggy Sue. This number was called at first, Cindy Lou was at the request of Allison and named after his then-girlfriend Peggy Sue Gerron. He married her a year later, on 22 July 1958; the couple divorced in the 1960s.

In October 1958 the band split and Holly came to life on February 3, 1959 during a plane crash. Allison took the leadership of The Crickets after that with some variations in the composition is back in the occupation since Holly, with next to Allison and Sonny Curtis Joe Mauldin.

In addition, he starred on plates of a large number of artists, including The Everly BrothersJ.J. Cale and Johnny Rivers.

In the film The Buddy Holly Story (1978) by Steve Rash was his role played by Don Stroud. Allison is itself appeared in several music documentaries, including The Crickets: My Love Is Bigger Than a Cadillac (1989) and Kings of Rock 'n' Roll (2008), and also in a supporting role as Big Ed in the television series Lawman Without a Gun from 1979.

In 2007, he was included as a member of The Crickets in the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. In 2012, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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