Jerson Frani Sapida (born July 17, 1980) is a Filipino-American singer and video game producer, best notable for the NBA 2K series.

Early lifeEdit

Jerson Frani Sapida grew up in Cavite, Philippines in a Filipino church to David and Felicisima Sapida. He has a younger brother named Jerald. Sapida had played clarinet with his friends and started a band in their high school back in 2005. He started his career with his first game as a video game producer for World Series Baseball 2K3, then decided to work with 2K Games the next day in 2002. His grandmother bought his very first guitar, a nylon string guitar, but he didn't really know anything about the guitar until he played it with his mother because his grandmother taught him to tune it, brought some chords. Every single day (after school) Sapida always wanted to play that guitar, being obsessed with it since he was 12. He has then gained contract with his grandmother.

Personal lifeEdit

Sapida has always learned how to write his very own songs and lyrics when he was 13, also that he's dabbling and writing his own melodies in his head. Sapida described his mother as an amazing singer, according to his interview with Kat Iniba.

When a friend of his opened up a music studio at the time, he was already recording in California (which is where he moved to since 1996) for his debut single hit, "Keep Hope Alive" in 2016.

Sapida married Bulgarian singer Nadezhda Panayotova in 2015. As to this day, he still continues to be a gameplay producer and singer at the same time.


Studio albumsEdit


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