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Joey Cutless (born February 10, 1981), is an American hip-hop producer primarily of soundtracks and scoring in multimedia, film and television. He is also the founder of As a producer he is credited as a key figure in the popularization of Crunk in multimedia usage, a style of southern rap music characterized as synthesizer-based with slow, heavy beats. Joey Cutless got his start under the wing of Pastor Troy as an opening act in 1999 as a teen and later moved to England. While in the United Kingdom he learned the craft of music production and engineering. 

Multimedia Soundtrack Production Credits[]

  • "The 50th Law" by 50 cent & Robert Green - Comic Adaptation 
  • Kimora: Life in the fab lane
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • Office Assassin | Video Game (iPhone app)
  • Man vs. Food
  • E! – Gastenau Girls
  • HGTV: Flip this House
  • Bio Network: Eminem
  • Food Network: Chopped
  • MTV: Pimp My Ride
  • VH1: Behind the Music: P!ink
  • MTV: Parental Control
  • Inside the Actors Studio
  • Heiniken: National Radio Ad
  • MTV: Pimp My Ride
  • MTV: Rob &  Big Black
  • Life: Kimora Lee Simmons
  • VH1 Behind The Music:50 Cent
  • 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction
  • VH1 Behind The Music: TI
  • Gene Simmons Family Jewels
  • High School Stories
  • Made (MTV)
  • Life in the Fab Lane:Kimora Lee
  • Mysteries of the Bermuda
  • VH1: NWA The World’s Most Dangerous
  • Parental Control
  • Real Estate Pro’s
  • QIU and EY
  • MTV Room Raiders
  • Sober House
  • Pimpeando
  • Steven Segal Lawman
  • MTV: True Life
  • Trick it Out
  • Think Again:Sex Myths
  • Wired Science
  • The Real 50 Cent DVD
  • MTV All Eyes on: Tom Cruise
  • MTV All Eyes on: Fat Joe
  • Nike Force Air Campaign
  • MTV Cribs
  • MTV Direct Effect
  • Biography:Robert Deniro -
  • Biography: Amy Winehouse
  • Amazing wedding cakes
  • 21 Sexiest Beach Bars
  • 100 Most Shocking Music Videos
  • 40 Naughtiest Celebrities

Joey Cutless has also produced songs featuring[]

  • Lupe Fiasco
  • Young Jeezy
  • B.O.B
  • Lil Twist
  • MIMS
  • Da Great Yola
  • Celly Cell
  • Sonsee
  • Telihana
  • A-Money
  • Jelly Roll
  • Da Great Yola, & more.

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