Johnny Winter John Dawson Winter III , born (Beaumont (Texas), 23 February 1944 – Zurich (Switzerland), July 16, 2014), was an American blues guitarist, singer and record producer. His younger brother is also musician Edgar Winter . They co-starred together on the Woodstock festival in 1969.


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Johnny Winter was the eldest son of John Dawson Winter, Jr. and Edwina Winter, which many have contributed to the musical interests of him and his brother Edgar. He was from Leland, Mississippi, a town of which he was mayor in 1936, and he played saxophone and guitar. The family lived first in Leland, but his mother was fromBeaumont in Texas, and travelled there to Johnny to give birth. Later the family moved permanently to Beaumont, where Johnny spent much of his youth. [1at the age of five he started making music on the clarinet. Later he chose the ukelele and at the urging of his father, he chose for the guitar as an instrument. At the age of 11 he started a duo with his brother Edgar.

From 1959, he played in various unknown straps until he made his big break in 1968 . In that year he was through the leaf Rolling Stone along with Janis Joplin as one of the big promises in rock music. Johnny fell, except by his virtuoso guitar playing, on by the fact that he, like brother Edgar, an albino is. Winter made several successful albums since the late 1960s, and then became addicted to heroin. His music tended more and more to hard rock in 1977 until he began working with Muddy Waters.Winter made a number of albums In the 1980s with blues rock in a unique style, including Guitar Slinger and Third Degree. Starting from the nineties went Johnny Winter physically strong backwards. According to some was that decline due to his former lifestyle, drink and drugs. According to others was the fact that he is an albino is the cause. He, however, continued to occur and brought also still regular CDs from. He died at the age of seventy.


Studio and live albumsEdit


  • The Johnny Winter Story (1969)
  • About Blues (1970)
  • Early Times (1970)
  • Before The Storm (1970)
  • A Rock n ' Roll Collection (1994)
  • White Hot Blues (1997)
  • The Best of Johnny Winter (Sony) (2002)


  • Austin, TX / The Progressive Blues Experiment (1974)
  • Whole Lotta Love (1978)
  • Ready For Winter (1981)
  • Still Blues After All These Years/Live In Chicago (1990)
  • A Lone Star Child Or Day (1991)
  • Jack Daniels Child Or Day (1992)
  • White Lightning (1996)
  • Back In Beaumont (2000)
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