Alexey Gusarov (born December 27, 1998), better known as Jordan Agro, is a Russian Electronic Dance Music international DJ, producer and radio host. Trying his hand as an artist, DJ, model and photographer, he became most well known as a DJ with his creation of dance mixes. Jordan placed #96 in the “Top 100 DJs & EDM Artists 2015” poll by, placed among the 100 DJs of the Russian chart on global DJ database[1], and also listed into the world's largest DJ directory[2]

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Jordan Agro has been chosen as the best model of November 2016 by the poll.[3] He has also participated in the “Fresh Faces 2015” contest by and ranked #3 among the Russian top contestants.

In July of 2015, he started broadcasting his own radio show called “SwankyLand” on the popular music services and worldwide radio stations, thus he gained considerable popularity.[4]

In May of 2016, he became a resident of the American internet radio station called “More Bass” and started streaming live twice a month.

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Jordan's early life was connected to art. He did a lot of drawing and tried to be a photographer before becoming a DJ and model in the beginning of 2014.

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  • Valentino Khan vs. Dance Cult - Anything Deep Down Low Tonight (Jordan Agro Mashup)
  • Rune RK vs. Quintino - Calabria vs. Rock It To Beat (Jordan Agro Mashup)
  • Bali Bandits vs. Eric Mendosa & ZEROCOOL - KABOOM vs. Accelerate (Jordan Agro Mashup)

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