Ka$h is an artist from Compton, California. He has worked with artists such as Flyboi, Exampl & Espanto, Roc, Raheem, Young Texas ETC. He is most notable for his hit street anthems "Ready 4 War", "I'm Hott", "Go Ghost" & "Money 2 Long". After more than a year in postponed release dates, his debut album "The Motivation" was released October 21st, 2008. He is currently in work on a 2nd album entitled "The Blessing" due for release on SB Records March of 2009.



The Motivation
  • Label: SB Records
  • Released: October 21st, 2008
  • Singles: "Ready 4 War", "I'm Hott", "Go Ghost", "On The Dro", "Money Too Long" & "I'm 2 Phresh"
The Blessing
  • Label: SB Records
  • Released: March 2009
  • Singles: "I'm Blazin'"


Year Single Charts Album
Sub Main
2007 "Ready 4 War" #85 - The Motivation
"I'm Hott" #2 #61
2008 "Go Ghost" #20 #99
"On The Dro" (Feat. Young Texas) #22 -
"Money Too Long" (Feat. Lil Wayne) #9 -
"I'm 2 Phresh" (Feat. Soulja Boy) - -
"I'm Blazin'" (Feat. Bee-Boi & AJG) - - The Blessing

Featured SinglesEdit

Year Song Sub Genre Main Genre Album
2008 "Girlfriend" Exampl (Feat. Ka$h & Roc) #2 #98 For What It's Worth
2008 "Paper Route Remix" AJG (Feat. Various Artists) #1 #2 AJG
2008 "Cumin' Around Me" Tranz-Action (Feat. Ka$h) #10 - Tranz-America
2008 "Watch Me Do It" AJG (Feat. Ka$h & Young Texas) #1 #15 AJG
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