kevn is a Spanish singer-songwriter. In March 2012 he released his first digital single, aimed towards a Japanese audience.


kevn was born on April 29, 1989 in Valencia, Spain. At the age of 16 he was offered a contract to work with GrupoExclusive, a Spanish modeling agency, which he turned down. Later on he joined a local choir, and some time after that he started composing his own tracks.

2011–2012: J-Melo Manga BandEdit

In 2011, he passed an audition to join Japanese TV Show J-Melo, as the backing track maker of a manga band created by Ai Takekawa and produced by Marty Friedman, in a fictitious band called "Rough-T" with 2 more international members. Marty and Ai created the track "The Only Star", which was later released on iTunes Japan on May 2nd 2012, including additional production by kevn.

2012–present: DebutEdit

In 2012 he started preparing for his debut digital single with lyrics in Japanese, stardust, which was released on March 16th without a major record label backing him.


  • "On the edge" (2013.04.29)
  • "stardust" (2012.03.16)
  • "Ready / We're Fire" (2012.05.25)
  • "Control" (2012.08.24)
  • "足跡" (Ashiato; Footprints) (2012.11.09)
  • "完璧なLove Story" (Kanpeki na Love Story; Perfect Love Story) (2013.06.21)
  • "Our Way" (Collaboration single) (2012.09.22)
  • "Christmas Time" (Christmas single) (2012.12.07)
  • "Deathly Wedding" (Collaboration single) (2013.02.26)

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