Kjartan Kristoffersen is a retired American musician best known as one of the founding guitarists for the Seattle-based band Culprit, and a former member of TKO and The Bang Gang.[1][2][3]


Kristofferson first performed alongside vocalist Jeff L'Heureux in the band Amethyst, whilst the rest of their future bandmates - guitarist John DeVol, bassist Scott Earl, and drummer Bud Burrill - played in Orpheus. The two bands eventually merged and formed Culprit.[3][4] Their debut song "Players" was included on Shrapnel Records' 1982 compilation album U.S. Metal Vol. II, and a year later their debut album, Guilty As Charged, was released. Culprit continued touring and working on some new tunes for potential release over a two-year period. However, things began to unravel when Scott Earl left to join TKO. The band continued for a brief spell with Scott Bringedahl filling in for Earl, but Kristofferson would also eventually leave to join TKO. Although TKO's second album In Your Face was released around the time that Kristofferson and Earl joined in 1984 and they were credited along with drummer Ken Mary as the instrumentalists, fans have disputed that vocalist Brad Sinsel actually recorded it with a different lineup before they joined.[5] However, it is generally agreed that the lineup of Sinsel, Kristofferson, Earl, and Mary did record the band's third album Below the Belt, which was released in 1986. Kristofferson continued to perform with TKO for another year before briefly reuniting with Jeff L'Heureux in Mistrust. When that band broke up in 1988, Kristofferson and Earl formed The Bang Gang with vocalist Jet Silver, guitarist Scotti Stevens, and drummer Achon, Inc., releasing their debut album, Love Sells... in 1990.

Although Kristofferson has reunited with TKO and Culprit on various occasions throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, he has since retired from music. He currently resides in Michigan and works as an architect.[6]




  • In Your Face (1984) (disputed)
  • Below the Belt (1986)

The Bang GangEdit

  • Love Sells... (1990)

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