Often compared to Fiona Apple and Sufjan Stevens, Laura Hickli is a baroque-pop chamber-folk songstress who discusses mental health illnesses through her immediately alluring, intricate and haunting music.Edit

Listen - Single Art - 3000 by 3000

Photo by Sara Kuefler

Hickli's latest single 'Listen' is a gripping musical homage to the internal battles faced when struggling with self-doubt and mental illnesses.

The heartwrenching single breaks her 3 year hiatus from releasing music, a time where she spent touring her debut album ‘Flowstate’ internationally.

With the Corona Virus outbreak changing the world as we know it, Laura Hickli and her band were affected in the loss of 60+ show dates scheduled around Eastern USA and subsquently their nomadic lifestyle of living in a tour van and performing nightly live shows across North America.

Reviewed by a number of influential musicians, 'Listen' is making a name for itself despite the cancelled tour, including praise by multiple Juno Award winning artists like Dan Mangan and Oscar Lopez.

"It's like a letter to a future self, but if you had time travelled backwards so it shows up now when you're actually writing it" - Dan Mangan

Intended as a parting gift to her hometown before her largest international tour cycle to date, Hickli’s single ‘Listen’ is now released on all available platforms as a reminder of togetherness in continuing to develop internally in a changing world.

Laura Hickli - Listen

Laura Hickli - Listen

'Listen' - Laura Hickli

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