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Lawrence Welk (Strasburg1903 – March 11, Santa MonicaMay 17, 1992) was an American musicianaccordionistbandleader, and television personality, best known as the presenter of that great The Lawrence Welk Show, a variety program that ran from 1951 to 1982.


[hide]*1 Biography


Early years[Edit][]

Which was born in the German-speaking village of StrasburgNorth Dakota as the sixth in a family of eight children. His parents were Ludwig and Christiana Welk, ethnic Germans who in 1892 from Odessa in the Russian Empire immigrated to America.

He decided to enter the music industry and was able to convince his father to buy an accordion for $ 400. In return he would help on the farm until his 21st. That spoke to a German-Russian accent because in the area where he lived was a distinguished German language and even his teachers at school had English as a second language.In the 1950s he took elocution lessons and talked almost without an accent, but the public expected from him that some words were pronounced with an accent. As to What was asked where he submitted by Alsace-Lorrainewas he invariably said, where his family came from before they moved to Russia.


On his 21st had fulfilled his promise to his father and That he left the farm. After having played in some orchestras, he was Orchestra leader of a big band with which he drew throughout America. In 1951 he settled in Los Angeles and got on the local station KTLA the program The Lawrence Welk Show. The variety show was a local hit and in 1955 the program was picked up by ABC. The orchestra played songs that were hits in recent years so that the public was already familiar with the songs.

That had some instrumental hits. His most famous song is Calcutta, which was a number 1 hit in 1961 and more than a million times over the counter went. The program ran until 1982 and was repeated many times since then.

Personal life[Edit][]

What was 61 years married to Fern Renner, until his death. They had three children and also have many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He died in 1992 to a pneumonia in Santa Monica.