Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 1994

Founded by: Tony Morley


Genre(s): Electronica, IDM, Folktronica, Jazz, Experimental

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The Leaf Label is a prime example of how a record lable can thrive by sticking to a loyal aesthetic rather than either exclusively releasing only one brand of music or piggy-backing the latest trend from one year to the next. Instead Tony Morley's outfit has survived 10+ years of releasing ecclectic music that is not easily described under one description but shares a particular vibe and vission. Started as an outlet solely to release a 12" from a friends side-project, Graham Sutton's Boymerang, in 1994, Morley did not jump out of the gates with world conquest on his mind. Instead he was just utilizing the skills he had acquired from working as a Press Officer at 4AD to spread music that he believed in. The initial release was an instant success, selling out of all 1000 pressed and hand-stamped copies within two weeks. Motivation from this success gave way to releasing 8 EPs within 2 years and warranting a full-time effort from Morley and his associates. With each successive year came more acclimation and attention from fans from across the globe, and in turn, Leaf's roster expanded to include an extensive variety of music and experimentation. In 2004, the label was able to open a US office in New York to supplement their evergrowing amount work.

Leaf's music is typically regarded as electronica, and while most of the discography is made up of music based in this genre, simply calling it electronica does not come close to an adequate description. The more recognized sounds on the Leaf label include the pyschedelic folktronica of Caribou, the solemn soundscapes of Colleen, the Eastern-infused jazz of Susumu Yokota, the more beat-driven 310 and the experimental rap collaboration between Boom Bip & Doseone. Other genres include variations on IDM, folktronica, jazz, minimal techno and more.

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