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Lemon Demon is a internet musical project by internet comedian Neil Cicierega made back in 2003. The project has been described as "humorous geek rock" due to the light-hearted songs.

Lemon Demon Live![]

When played live, Lemon Demon would consist of Neil on keyboards and vocals, "Chooch" on Guitar, Tony Wry on drums, And Alora Lanzillotta on Bass. They would usually play at open mics or parties of their friends.

Album Formats[]

There are different ways to get lemon demon albums. "View-Monster", "Damn Skippy", Hip to the Javabean", and "Dinosaurchestra" are available on CD at CD Freedom, Lemon Demons first four albums are available for free download on his website, you can buy "Dinosaurchestra", "View-Monster", and the Brodyquest single on iTunes, and you can buy "Live (Only Not)" on the Lemon Demon Bandcamp. Lemon Demons most popular songs, "The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny" and "Brodyquest" are both available on the rhythm based video game Rock Band. On February 29th 2016, Neil would release his seventh album under the Lemon Demon pseudonym, "Spirit Phone".



  1. Clown Circus (2003)
  2. Live From The Haunted Candle Shop (2003)
  3. Hip to the Javabean (2004)
  4. Damn Skippy (2005)
  5. Dinosaurchestra (2006)
  6. View-Monster (2008)
  7. Spirit Phone (2016)


  1. Live (Only Not) (2011)
  2. I Am Become Christmas (2012)
  3. Nature Tapes EP (2014)


  1. The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (2005)
  2. 123456 Pokemon (2008)
  3. Toy Food (2009)
  4. Brodyquest (2010)
  5. Goosebumps (2011)
  6. Really Cool Wig (2011)
  7. Money Dollar Bills (2012)
  8. Reaganomics (2012)
  9. A Mask of My Own Face (2012)
  10. My Trains (2013)
  11. Two Trucks (2013)
  12. Everybody Loves Raymond (2013)
  13. Jaws (2013)
  14. Kubrick and the Beast (2015)
  15. One Weird Tip (2017)


  1. Almanac 2009 (2009)


  • Rock Band Network (Brodyquest and The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny)