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Lench Mob Records is an independently owned record label owned by Los Angeles rapper and actor Ice Cube. Originally founded under its former name Street Knowledge Records, it was once home to many of Cube's former allies such as DJ Pooh, and Lench Mob's own Chilly Chill, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Kam, Yo Yo and the group Da Lench Mob. The label, established in 1990, remained dormant for a long period until a revival in 2006 with the release of Ice Cube's album Laugh Now, Cry Later. Lench Mob Records also distributes Bigg Swang Records home to WC, DJ Crazy Toones, Young Maylay and Tha Trapp. Hallway Productionz have produced multiple tracks for the label's two major artists in recent years.


Artist Title Year of Release
Ice Cube Amerikkka's Most Wanted 1990
Ice Cube Kill At Will 1990
Ice Cube Death Certificate 1991
Ice Cube The Predator 1992
Da Lench Mob Guerillas in tha Mist 1992
Ice Cube Lethal Injection 1993
Kam Neva Again 1993
K-Dee Ass, Gas, or Cash (No One Rides for Free) 1994 1994
Don Jagwarr Faded 1994
Da Lench Mob Planet of da Apes 1994
Kausion South Central Los Skanless 1995
Westside Connection Bow Down 1996
Ice Cube Laugh Now, Cry Later 2006
WC Guilty by Affiliation 2007
Ice Cube Raw Footage 2008
Tha Trapp WC of the Westside Connection - Presents Tha Trapp Block Music 2010
WC That's What I'm Talking About EP 2010
Ice Cube I Am The West 2010
WC Revenge of the Barracuda 2011
OMG Jackin' For Beats 2012
WC TBA Expected 2016 - 2017
Ice Cube Everythang's Corrupt TBA

Current roster[]

Artist Signed in Albums released by Lench Mob Additional information
Ice Cube Founder 3 Label founder and its first major artist.
WC 2006 3 Label’s second major artist. He has been affiliated with Ice Cube since 1991. WC also founded Bigg Swang Records, a division of Lench Mob Records.
DJ Crazy Toones 2006 none Signed by WC, DJ Crazy Toones is the official concert DJ of Ice Cube and WC and one of the three producers in the label.
Hallway Productionz 2005 none Label production duo.
Tha Trapp 2007 none New West Coast rap duo signed by WC.
Young Maylay 2008 none After the collaboration with DJ Crazy Toones and WC in The Real Coast Guard, Young Maylay was invited to join the label.
Doughboy 2008 none Up-and-coming artist who is also Cube’s 2nd son . He first collaborated with Ice Cube on

his album Raw Footage and also appeared on Cube's album I Am the West.

OMG 2008 none Up-and-coming artist who is also Cube’s oldest son. Collaborated with Ice Cube on the album I am the West. He played his father in Straight Outta Compton Movie -

Former roster[]

  • DJ Pooh
  • Chilly Chill
  • Threat
  • Kausion
  • Kam
  • Yo Yo
  • Del tha Funkee Homosapien
  • Sir Jinx
  • Mack 10
  • Maulkie
  • Shorty
  • J Dee
  • T-Bone
  • K-Dee
  • Dazzie Dee
  • Renegadde
  • Da Lench Mob
  • Don Jagwarr
  • Westside Connection

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