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Lene Marlin Pedersen (Tromsø17 August 1980) is a Norwegian singer. In addition to singing she writes her own lyrics. Marlin scores especially hits in Norway and Italy.


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Lene Marlin was discovered when they got to the local radio station NRK Tromsø made a test recording. So she came in contact with EMI Norway, where her was offered a contract. Her first single in Norway came In October 1998 Jayaprakash Sinner , which in record time at number 1 in the charts came. 50,000 copies were sold In three days. There have never been sold as many copies of a single in Norway. The song was a total of eight weeks in the charts. Later it was also number 1 in France when it was used in the film Mauvaises Fréquentions .

The second single, Sitting Down Here, was released in February 1999 and is her biggest success so far. Lene's appeared In March 1999 debut album entitled Playing My Game. Also the album sold very well and this was a reason to put it in the rest of Europe and Japan to bring out. Currently, the album sold around two million copies. In October 1999, Where I'm Headed as the third single from the album released.

With this album won a SpellemannprisMarlin in five categories, similar to the Dutch Edison: in 1999, best song and best songbest artistnew artist and pop artist of the year in 2000. They also won three Hitawards in Norway for Best International female artistBest Norwegian female artist and Best Norwegian artist in 1999 and an MTV Award for Best Nordic ActPlaying My Game in Europe obtained the status of Platinum.

Another Day[Edit][]

The overwhelming success of her first cd overtook the singer quite. For these reasons, she decided in 2000 a break. In that time her social contacts with family and friends back on. the break lasted about three years. Only in 2003 the singer decided to start making a whole new album. In september, a new single: You Weren't There. The song reached the first place In record time in the charts of Norway and Italy. The long-awaited album was released also in september under the title Another Day. Other than its previous successes sold this record a lot less than her previous albums. The counter stands at 600,000 copies worldwide.

Lost in a Moment[Edit][]

Promotion work again after all around the new cd were completed, took the time to concentrate on Lene her private life. Not much later she began secretly working on some new songs, resulting in a completely new album. In this way it was possible for the singer, without pressure and interference from the outside, to write new songs and in singing, backed by a band that they had composed themselves. It was therefore for everyone, and not just for her fans, but also for her own record company, a surprise when Lene presented her third album.

As first single appeared in april 2005 the rock-like How Would It Be. The song was a modest hit in some European countries. The new album Lost In A Moment appeared a little later. On the cd, the singer a more mature sound hear some more. The cd itself sees them as her best work until then. By Lost In A Moment appeared in september that year, followed by a second single: What If. Unfortunately for Lene was no hit. In Asia, by contrast, scored a big hit with the singer Still Here, a song which originally was called and I'm Willing To that came from singer Faye Wong. Lene edited the song and wrote a whole new text. the song appeared as a bonus track on a special edition of Lost In A Moment, which was released only in Asia.

Twist The Truth[Edit][]

After this, explained Marlin himself to writing music for other artists. So she wrote the song for Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad hit album of the same name. In 2008 does speak of itself again, this time with Lene's own work. Her fourth album Twist The Truth appeared in the spring of 2009, Here We Are as first single. The cd was not well received by all fans because the style quite different from her previous albums. Lene wrote again this year music for other artists, including Aleksander Denstad With, the Norwegian winner of the tv show Idol (Norwegian version of Idol). Together they recorded a duet on that first appeared on disc two of the Norwegian singer. This song (Worth it) is also released as a single and reached the third place in the Norwegian charts. Lene worked in 2010 also worked with the Norwegian singer Elin Gaustad on his first album "Whole new beginning" after she spent three weeks in the us where they said it wrote to new songs. A compilation album was released in early 2013 that the title "Here We Are-Historier så long" which in april the single "Jayaprakash Sinner (Acoustic Version)" heard. Both, however, had virtually no success. Its contribution to the reality show "Hver gang møtes vi" on the Norwegian channel TV2, with Norwegian artists work of other Norwegian artists brought in was tasted by the public's own version, though.



  • Playing My Game (1999)
  • Another Day (2003)
  • Lost in a Moment (2005)
  • Twist The Truth (2009)
  • "Here We Are-Historier så long" (2013)


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