Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 2001

Founded by: Tom Brown and WARP


Genre(s): Hip-Hop, Experimental, Electronica

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Lex Records was originally conceived between Tom Brown and WARP as subsidiary A&R project in 2001 that would specialize in limited edition 12" by new, less known artists. This did not last long though, after the increased popularity of their releases. With in no time, Lex was expanding itself to a full-fledged psuedo-independent label with its own roster and long-playing releases. All of the artistic decisions were given to Brown with financial back-up from WARP. By 2005, Lex was far from a subsidary with a roster full of hyped artists in experimental, hip-hop based music. WARP, being the wondeful people they are and not some money-grubbing corporation, readily agreed to sell the label to Brown and allow Lex to become its own entity. Along with a roster full of potential, Lex is also home to noteworthy designers/artists EH? and The General Idea.

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