Headquarters: London

Founded: 1947

Founded by: Decca



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London was started when Decca split apart into two labels -- the US version and the UK version. Since the UK Decca didn't have the rights to the name, it became London Records. Aside from releasing its own albums, it also licensed records from US labels like Imperial, Chess, Dot, Atlantic, Specialty, Sun, Big Top, Monument, Philles and Hi. In 1979, London was bought by Polygram, and had Slash, FFRR and Essential as subsidiary labels. Universal bought PolyGram, although London was taken away from Universal and given to Warner Music Group, who continue to put out records on London today (though they must pay for the license to use the name, as it's still owned by Decca, which is, ironically, now part of Universal). The new London had a short lived merger with Sire, but is back to being its own subsidiary label. It currently is used mostly for UK artists and to release Factory Records back-catalog stuff.

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