Lou Reed is the debut solo album by musician Lou Reed, released in 1972 by RCA Records two years after he left The Velvet Underground. The album comprises eight new recordings of then-unreleased Velvet Underground songs, plus two new songs, "Going Down" and "Berlin" (the latter was re-recorded by Reed as the title track for his 1973 album Berlin).

With increasing interest in the Velvet Underground, Reed's debut album was highly anticipated, but the result was a commercial and critical[citation needed]disappointment, peaking at only number 189 on the Billboard 200.


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Track listing[edit]Edit

All tracks written by Lou Reed except where noted.

  1. "I Can't Stand It" - 2:37
  2. "Going Down" - 2:57
  3. "Walk and Talk It" - 3:40
  4. "Lisa Says" - 5:34
  5. "Berlin" - 5:16
  6. "I Love You" - 2:21
  7. "Wild Child" - 4:41
  8. "Love Makes You Feel" - 3:13
  9. "Ride into the Sun" (Reed, John CaleSterling MorrisonMaureen Tucker) - 3:16
  10. "Ocean" - 5:06


Below is a cross-reference of Lou Reed tracks previously played and/or recorded with The Velvet Underground.

Title Velvet Underground release Remarks
"I Can't Stand It" 1969: The Velvet Underground LiveVU Additional verse on Lou Reed version
"Walk and Talk It" Peel Slowly and SeeLoaded (Fully Loaded Edition) Lou Reed version has different lyrics and added musical sections; V.U. version is titled "Walk and Talk"
"Lisa Says" 1969VU 1969 version close to Lou Reed version; VU version shorter
"I Love You" Peel Slowly and SeeLoaded (Fully Loaded Edition) ---
"Wild Child" --- No V.U. recording has surfaced as yet, but the song is known to have been played live in 1970.[4] However, the song was performed by Lou Reed and John Cale at the Bataclan 1972 concert in Paris with Nico, and can also be heard on the Velvet Underground bootleg "Ultra Rare Tracks Vol. 2," which features Lou Reed playing the song with an acoustic guitar into a tape recorder.
"Love Makes You Feel" Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition) V.U. version is titled "Love Makes You Feel Ten Foot Tall"
"Ride into the Sun" Another ViewWhat Goes On,Loaded (Fully Loaded Edition),Bootleg Series Volume 1: The Quine Tapes Lou Reed version close to the Loaded and The Quine Tapes versions; other V.U. recordings earlier versions.
"Ocean" 1969VULoaded (Fully Loaded Edition) Lou Reed version closest to Loaded take.


  • Lou Reed - guitar, arranger, keyboards, vocals, producer
  • Clem Cattini - percussion
  • Helene Francois - harmony vocals
  • Kay Garner - harmony vocals
  • Steve Howe - guitar
  • Les Hurdle - bass
  • Paul Keogh - guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Brian Odgers - bass
  • Caleb Quaye - guitar, acoustic guitar, piano
  • Rick Wakeman - piano, keyboards
  • Tom Adams - cover art
  • Mike Bobak - engineer
  • Ronn Campisi - photography
  • Richard Robinson - producer
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