"Love Light in Flight"is a song by Stevie Wonder. It appeared on the soundtrack album The Woman in Red and Motown gave it in 1984 as a single , with the b-side theinstrumental song written by Ben Bridges "it's More Than You". The single earned Wonder an American Video Award nomination for best male artist on.[1he achieved with "Love Light in Flight" the 44th place in the UK Singles Chart, the 43rd place in the New Zealand singles chart,[2the seventeenth place in the Billboard Hot 100 and fourth place in the American rhythm and blueschart. [3[4]

Wonder made for the bass drum from "Love Light in Flight" using a designed by Roger Linn drum computer. [5]


[hide]*1 Musicians[6]


  • Antoinette Wood – backing vocals
  • Finis Henderson III-background vocals
  • Gene Vino -backing vocals
  • Judy Cheeks -backing vocals
  • Lynn Davis-backing vocals
  • Portia Griffin-backing vocals
  • Susaye Greene -backing vocals
  • Windy Barnes-backing vocals
  • Stevie Wonder-synthesizer, drums, vocals

Chart Positions[Edit]Edit

UK Singles Chart[Edit]Edit

Chart positions in the UK Singles Chart:[701-12-1984 to 29-12-1984
Week: 1 2 3 4 5 -
Position: 44 44 57 72 75 from


  • Jazz flutist Dave Valentin covered "Love Light in Flight" on the album Jungle Garden from 1990. [8]
  • On the album Under the Influence from 1996 is a rendition by Kim Pensyl. [9]
  • Sheila Raye Charles, the daughter of Ray Charles, Idol has performed Wonders "Love Light in Flight" for her album Behind the Shades (2009). [10]
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