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Front Cover of the "Machine Shop Mixtape: Volume 1" Mixtape

Date Released: October 4, 2005 (10/4/05)

Label: Machine Shop Recordings

Produced By:


  1. * / Intro
  2. Taproot / Calling
  3. Papa Roach / Take me
  4. Cold / Happens All The Time
  5. Pennywise / Disconnect
  6. Staind / Paper Jesus
  7. No Warning / Breeding Insanity
  8. Jack's Mannequin / The Mixed Tape
  9. Audioslave / Out Of Exile
  10. Vaux / Are You With Me
  11. Mudvayne / Forget To Remember
  12. Motion City Soundtrack / Everything Is Alright
  13. Funeral For A Friend / The End Of Nothing
  14. Team Sleep / King Diamond
  15. Stutterfly / Gun In Hand
  16. Dredg / Bug Eyes
  17. Deftones / Battle-Axe
  18. From First To Last / Note To Self
  19. * / Outro


  • Review by: JackSparrow
  • Machine Shop Mixtape: Volume 1 is the official Mixtape for Machine Shop Recordings, which was started by the band Linkin Park. The Mixtape gives you a taste of different bands' music, in the hopes that you will like it, and buy their albums. Currently only Volume 1 is in production, and the only way to get it, is to purchase a certain dollar amount or specific item from either BandMerch or MetroPark, then the Mixtape will be added in with your order as a free bonus gift. For further questions about how to get the Mixtape, please contact:

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