Mad Season was an American rock band, which formed in Seattle in 1994 . The band's music was not really grunge but a compilation of rock. The group consisted of singer Layne Staley (Alice in Chains), guitaristMike McCready (Pearl Jam), bassist John Baker Saunders (The Walkabouts) and drummer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees). Since most members already had earned their spurs, Mad Season known as a super group.

In 1994 Mike McCready goes to Minneapolis to report to himself in a Rehab Center because of his alcohol/drug problems. There he meets John Baker Saunders and when McCready goes back to Seattle along with Saunders, calling it Martin on. the three of one starts to jam and there are pieces out to make songs. McCready as a singer to go on to call Staley Act of this band. Staley also struggles with his heroin addiction. The reason that McCready Staley asks has a deeper meaning than just a singer. He hopes that the addict Staley between musicians who are clean will stop the heroin.

They decide to to form a band and call themselves Gacy Bunch which is a cross between the serial killer John Wayne Gacy and the Brady Bunch. Under this name, in Seattle and the reactions of the public is overwhelming, although it really only what jams and unfinished songs plays. One even plays on the radio station of Pearl Jam called Self Pollution. The popularity is growing and this makes them decide to make an album.

They change the band name in Mad Season (the English use the term Mad Season as seizoensaanduiding when the mushrooms which are used as hallucination means in full bloom). Four of us pulling them the Bad Animals Studio in Seattle in and produce their album almost completely independently. In March 1995, the long-awaited album Above from where also made a guest appearance at is by Mark Lanegan. Above is a true perspective of rock music in which one of blues (Artificial Red) to ballad (Long Gone Day, Wake Up) to hard rock (November Hotel).

Their first song River of Deceit is proving to be a good rock song that catches on to the radio. Everything tastes like Layne Staley's drug use, but more leads that there never would be a second album, despite the fact that one new songs on the shelves. There is considered to be able to Mark Lanegan as a singer and the band name change in Disinformation, but nothing is included more because of the death of both Staley (2002) as well as Saunders (1999).


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Band Members[Edit]Edit

  • Barrett Martin – drums
  • Mike McCready – guitar
  • John Baker Saunders – bass guitar
  • Layne Staley – vocals, guitar (1994-1997)



(Special guest on this album:: Mark LaneganScreaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age)


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