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Matthew Sweet (Lincoln, NebraskaOctober 6, 1964) is an American singer, guitarist and bass guitarist in the genre of alternative rock and power pop.


In the 1980s left Sweet to Athens , Georgia to study and to go in the music world of Athens (with names like r.e.m. and B-52s). Sweet collaborated with r.e.m. singerMichael Stipe in the band Oh-OK, and formed another band, Buzz of Delight known as.

His first album, Inside, was released by Columbia in 1986 and became a lean success.

Sweet was then contracted by A & M Records, where he released his second album, entitled Earth (1989), with no significant success.

A Sweet band formed along with Richard LloydRobert QuineGreg LeiszLloyd Cole and Fred Maher.

His successful album Girlfriend appeared in October 1991 at Zoo Entertainment.

In 2000 worked Sweet with Canadian band Delerium.

In april 2006 he collaborated with Banglessinger Susanna Hoffs and he brought along with her a album covers of the 1960s.

In Netherlands[Edit][]

In 1993 he performed once on in the Galaxy in Amsterdam.


  • Inside (1986)
  • Earth (1989)
  • Girlfriend (1991)
  • Altered Beast (1993)
  • Son of Altered Beast (1994)
  • 100% Fun (1995)
  • Blue Sky on Mars (1997)
  • In Reverse (1999)
  • Daylight (2000)
  • Time Capsule: Best of 90/00 (2000)
  • To understand: the early recordings of Matthew Sweet (2002)
  • Kimi Ga Suki (2003, initially released only in Japan)
  • Living Things (2004)
  • Under the Covers, vol. 1 (2006, with Susanna Hoffs)
  • Sunshine Lies (2008)
  • Under the Covers, vol. 2 (2009, with Susanna Hoffs)
  • Modern Art (2011)

Matthew Sweet is featured as a backing vocalist in different numbers of Lloyd Cole's album Don't Get Weird on Me Babe. He also has several songs written for The Jayhawks.