Official Megadef Artwork

Artist: Styles Of Beyond

Date Released: 2003

Label: SpyTech Records

Produced By: DJ Cheapshot


  1. //download// Megadef (Clean)
  2. //download// You Lose (Clean)
  4. //download// Bleach (Clean)
  5. //download // Live Enough (Remix) (Clean)
  6. //download// Superstars (Clean)
  7. //download// Mr. Brown (Remix) (Clean)

by JackSparrow

  • Megadef Cleans is a Vinyl Record that was made for licensing purposes, for the group Styles Of Beyond's album, Megadef. The album Megadef was only ever released as a Explicit version, and this Vinyl contains select tracks, in Edited versions, several of which are available for download at SpyTech Record's Official Website. This vinyl was never made available to the public, it is only available for free download at SpyTech Record's Official Website. It is unknown if there was any special artwork for the vinyl, so the official Megadef artwotk is shown.
Missing Tracks
  • The two UNKNOWN TRACKS are not known for sure, but there is pretty solid evidence that the other two tracks are:
  • The evidence for this track is that the Official Music Video for the track, contains an Edited version of the track.
  • The evidence for this track is that there is an Edited version of this track available on a Pay Me Vinyl, in digital form on iTunes, and in the Official Music Video.

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