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Label: Eggbert

Produced By: Various


  1. Dramarama - Indian Gin & Whiskey Dry (dry mix)
  2. Kristian Hoffman - Lemons Never Forget (single edit)
  3. The Young Fresh Fellows - Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts
  4. The Jigsaw Seen - Melody Fair (single edit)

Review: I have not heard a single track on here. These are all Bee Gees covers, as this was a teaser for a Bee Gees tribute compilation. I think Kristian Hoffman might be the same one who wrote a bunch of Klaus Nomi's originals and worked a lot with him, getting him famous and whatnot (and then apparently screwed over by Klaus Nomi's management and RCA, by not giving him proper credits/royalties for his songs). And I've heard of Dramarama but I am completely blanking on who they are right now. The Young Fresh Fellows are obviously awesome and I have no idea who The Jigsaw Seen are. I'm sure they're nice guys. - Rev. Syung Myung Me