The Michael Schenker Group (also known under the abbreviation Schenker group) is a German hard rock group. Was founded in 1979 by Schenker group guitarist Michael Schenker Scorpions played former (as well as his brother Rudolf Schenker) and at UFO.

In the history of the Michael Schenker Group there are many personality clashes and incidents have been within the band. The original vocalist Gary Bardenwas fired in favor of Graham Bonnet. Bonnet sang but on one album (Assault Attack) and was fired after he dropped his pants when cared for a group program. Barden was again adopted and sang on a new studio album and can also be heard on the live album of the subsequent tour. After his second departure formed the band around himself and a new singer Schenker, Robin McAuley. The band got the name McAuley Schenker Group, the Schenker group abbreviation could remain intact. After three albums, Schenker and McAuley apart and got the band back her original name.

The Group's songs were mainly live characterized by the long guitar solos that were played by Michael Schenker on his Gibson Flying V.


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