Michael Winston is an American musician best known for playing guitar in the Seattle-based metal bands Rottweiller and Mistrust.[1][2][3]


In 1983, Winston formed the band Rottweiller along with vocalist Paul Crisman, bassist Tim Wolfe, and drummer Doug Marrapodi. Although this band eventually released two studio albums, they only released one song with Winston and Wolfe: the original version of the song "Intense As Hell", which appeared on the compilation album Northwest Metalfest. A couple months after the release of that album, Winston and Wolfe formed Mistrust along with vocalist Kevin Wells (who was later replaced by Culprit vocalist Jeff L'Heureux), guitarist Owen Wright, and drummer Chris Gohde. This band released one album in 1986, Spin the World, and toured with such acts as Alice Cooper, Stryper, and Loudness.



Other appearancesEdit

  • Northwest Metalfest - "Intense as Hell" w/ Rottweiller (1984)
  • Pacific Metal Project - "Running for My Life" w/ Mistrust (1985)

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