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Band Members[]

  • Micky Dolenz
  • Mike Nesmith
  • Davy Jones
  • Peter Tork

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Band Biography[]

The Monkees were put together originally for the TV show of the same name, and although it was common knowledge that they didn't play instruments on the records, the members of the Monkees were accomplished musicians in and for Headquarters, they insisted on playing everything their own instruments. They released a film Head, though it was very experimental and excellent, it bombed; the folks who would have liked it didn't see it because it was the Monkees, and the folks who saw it because it was the Monkees didn't like it, because it wasn't at all like the TV show. They ended up breaking up in 1970, though they've reformed from time to time, usually without Mike Nesmith, who had a successful solo career as a solo musician and film producer, among other things.



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  • Headquarters
  • Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, Ltd.
  • The Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees
  • Head
  • Instant Replay
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  • Changes
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  • Headquarters Sessions



  • "Last Train To Clarksville" / "Take A Giant Step"
  • "I'm A Believer" / "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone"
  • "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" / "The Girl I Knew Somewhere"
  • "Randy Scouse Git" / "Forget That Girl"
  • "Pleasant Valley Sunday" / "Words"
  • "Daydream Believer" / "Goin' Down"
  • "Valleri" / "Tapioca Tundra"
  • "D.W. Washburn" / "It's Nice To Be With You"
  • "The Porpoise Song" / "As We Go Along"
  • "Teardrop City" / "A Man Without A Dream"
  • "Someday Man" / "Listen To The Band"
  • "Good Clean Fun" / "Mommy And Daddy"
  • "Oh My My" / "I Love You Better"
  • "That Was Then, This Is Now" / "(Theme From) The Monkees"
  • "Heart And Soul" / "MGBGT" (live)
  • "Every Step Of The Way" / "(I'll) Love You Forever" (live)

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