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The Music Wiki aims to be one of best music sites, but it also aims for it's environment to be safe and fun for users. Upon you're contributing to wiki or posting discussions whatsoever in this wiki, you must hereby the following guidelines. Take note that this guideline may be modified without prior notice, so you may have to check this page regularly.

First things first[]

To start us off, these are the mandatory rules that should be followed at all times:
1) No spam and/or vandalism, this includes:

  • Contribute obvious junk to the wiki, take note that somewhere else accepts those junks
  • Inserting false information
  • Emptying article pages or any portions of it (unless have valid reasons)
    • if an article should be deleted, please write {{delete}} on top of the article and create a deletion discussion in the discussion area (see dropdown menu where the "edit" button is), or leave a message to any of our administrator and above's wall.
  • Inserting gibberish / senseless / insulting word, phrases or sentences.

2) No bullying and/or harassment
We don't need any smart mouths here, we need smart editors.

3) No Insulting other peoples' race, religion, nation, skin color, or gender (Inequality Discrimination)
Political points of view do not belong here. We are all here because of the music, not something else.

4) No Plagiarism of Wikipedia or other site's articles/pages
FANDOM (formerly known as Wikia) is not a follower or associated with Wikipedia. It's a standalone project based on the syntax as known as from Wikipedia. But Wikipedia is not the "alma mater" of FANDOM. Remember that!

  • What can we do

Exporting articles from Wikipedia to Music Wiki only if they are related to music. The import function is for sysop members only. They know how to handle it. They always make sure to export the full history with all editors mentioned. Page export mostly happens when articles are nominated for deletion.

We also could export articles from WP without any reasons, but this would not make sense. The only thing that make it different from the WP original is to change it on "Music Wiki style" and adding more ifnos related to music.

  • What we should NOT do?

Copying stuff from Wikipedia is strictly prohibited. This is clearly copyright violation because it looks like it's your own hard work which isn't it. Admins can always find out if an article has been "ripped" from Wikipedia or not. That's no big deal.

Some FANDOM projects have "instant commons" activated so we can embed images uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. So it's useless to "reupload" stuff from Commons to the Music Wiki. And it's also prohibited to reupload images from Wikipedia. Some Wikipedia articles have images that are not suitable for Commons due to licenses or the terms of use and so they should not been reused without permission. Always remember: all images are copyrighted, no matter where you might find them.

5) No completely off-topic content
The Music Wiki is, as it's namesake, a Wiki about Music. Please avoid to add stuff that is not related to Music. Check the FANDOM network for other projects that are not related to music.

6) No duplicating content
One page for each subject is enough, so why have two? We don't need a Justin Bieber, a Justin Beeber, and a Justin Beaver, because ONE IS ENOUGH.

One thing: there are bands, songs, albums and stuff that might have the same name. Learn how to handle them. It's easier than you think.

7) No ownership of pages
All articles on the Music Wiki are for everyone in the world. What does it mean, everyone? E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!!!

If you write an article about an artist, a band, a song etc. That means, you've created the article. We thank you for that because we need courageous and motivated editors. But that doesn't mean, it's "your" article. You do not own everything here, it's all for the world outside and what's beyond. Everyone can edit everything to improve or update an article. No article is "sacro-saint", but maybe "mental property" because of the involvement.

Oh, one more thing... we do not like it if one editor only edit one article or everything related to one thing. We want editor who go all the way. Take a look around, the tables are well laid.

8) No Advertising subpages, websites, wikis, etc...
The Music Wiki should explain about stuff. We do not promote artists and we don't want artists to promote themselves here. And so the following is not allowed:

  • external links inside an article that does not count as source (see Help:Editing)
  • obvious advertising spaces
  • spam related to ads and stuff

Remember that the own user pages and user blogs are free to create, but they are also not allowed as advertising spaces, this also include pretending user page as an ordinary page. Always remember that the user page should describe yourself and not a product or something. But you are free to cheer up your favorite artists without any copyright violation.

9) No Abusing available powers
If you become a chat moderator, content moderator or an administrator, you have some special functions. That's what we call the powers.

These "power users" are able to import or to delete articles as well to delete files, to ban or to block users when they showed off with bad behavior.

We avoid having admins, moderators and stuff that abuse their powers for personal or for somewhat reasons. Those will be reported to FANDOM. Remember: admins and bureaucrats can always be "defeated" by FANDOM workers who have the bigger "powers".

Here you can have a look about the current and former admins and bureaucrats. You always can contact them if you need help or guidance.

10) No Disturbing content
No disturbing or pornographic content! Remember that also minors can come along to FANDOM and so we don#t want any "Yuck" stuff in here!

Adding pornographic or disturbing content will cause an indefinite block. If you add it across the FANDOM network, the VSTF will deal with you.

11) No Creating accounts for negative purposes
Sockpuppetry is something odd. You can contribute with two accounts, but not using both of them for unfairness. This is kind of vague, but use your common sense.

FANDOM has the checkuser function to find out of you have more than one account and/or if you do the sockpuppetry. We are no marionette opera and so we won't make a happy end of it. And also the VSTF.

12) No blackmailing
It is considered harassment and if you find a user emailing blackmail, please report that to an active admin, and if you want, the VSTF.

13) No swearing or any kind of "swear"s
In ordinary articles, you cannot post swear words unless they are for quotes. If you are editing the forum, or your userpage, a subpage, or a blog, swear words are not allowed at all, especially the chat. Please use these words to somewhere else if possible.

Now what?[]

Main article: Manual of Style

Now you understand the generic rules of the Music Wiki. But this is not the end, in order to maintain our quality of the wiki, we have provided further rules for you to follow. Kindly look at the above link provided for detailed information.

Other Policies[]

Overrule Policy[]

Our community is mainly based off of consensus. However, if no part of the community objects, the administrators of the wiki have the right to execute the action (that would include possibly controversial topics) only if nobody/less than half of the community objects.

Username Policy[]

  • No special characters may be used, unless you register a doppelganger account and redirect its userpage to yours. Usernames like John Đoe will not be accepted and your account will be blocked.
  • The username cannot be ewrgosisjfiow5grargaer63ut09q34it09, or spammy usernames.
  • The username cannot be racist, like "Adolf Hitler" or "Black N*gga".

Punishment Policy[]

Any violation against the guidelines would result in a punishment. Take note that there will be no prior warnings or any messages before the punishment. Once you've been blocked, there is NO WAY BACK, although we still have considerations to conduct a block appeal to those who have accidentally blocked.

  • First block: ranging from 1 week to 1 month (depending on severity)
  • Second block: Indefinite

This punishment above is subject to change without prior notices.