Music Hub

While we are consistently expand our database as we keep on track of the latest trend of music, this wiki is currently being reorganized so that it is easier and less confusing to edit or even read it.

Anyone can help with this by helping completing the tasks below. These tasks may vary in time to complete, with some probably taking up to a few months of regular editing.

Short-term tasks[]

Merging Lists (days/a week)[]

Most of the list pages need to be reorganized.

  • Short lists can be merged onto their corresponding genre page and then marked for deletion.
  • Several genre pages that have the codes below should be removed, because we already have a category that were named under the genre that will list associated artists and labels in the genre.
==Artists in this genre==

==Labels in this genre==

Help/contribute to the music wiki in another language (days)[]

The idea behind this would be to help set up a Music Wiki in another language if it is abandoned/idle, and you understand the language. See languages for all the different languages that the Music Wiki exists in and where you can help. You may also create pages that has interlanguage links, but be sure that the contents must be in English and should be make sense.

Moving soundtracks[]

All albums that were under soundtrack should be categorized under specified categories under soundtrack albums.

Remove several miscellaneous pages[]

  • Try purge every contents that were under essays category and marked it for deletion.
  • Years or year category also need to be emptied as it was corrupted and almost all of the pages in it are needed to be removed.

Long-term tasks[]

Category renaming[]

Many existing categories need to be pluralized, unfortunately its not as simple as moving them! The new pluralized category has to be created and then all of the pages in the existing category edited to the new category. The process can be speeded up by using the Pywikipediabot script but the server is prone to lagging. Below is a list a category's to be pluralized:

Reorganize categories[]

Some notable categories that were corrupted for unknown reasons and can't be used. Any articles that were categorized under these corrupted categories should move them into [[Category:<corrupted category name>(1)]], and while creating that category, please note it that it was an alternative for original now-corrupted category.

In addition to that, several upper-level categories such as songs, artists should be reorganized so that it should contain only sub-categories. Any pages that categorized into those upper-level categories must be moved into specific categories.

Articles renaming[]

There were a lot of so called "out-dated" pages that were named under this format:

  • Artist: [[Artist]]
  • Album/EP/Single: [[Album-name:Artist-name]]
  • Song: [[Song-name:Artist-name]]

Please rename them back to general article naming. If there are multiple articles share the same name, note it as (type) first, then if multiple articles share the same name yet same type, note it as (artist type).

Cleaning up[]

This involves:

New artists, albums, singles etc[]

As you have already known, this wiki is far from behind when it comes to keep in track of new releases, as well as artists, basically in terms of everything. To get started on creating pages, you may create those from the folllowing:

  • Articles with red links (Contents that existed in this wiki, but with uncreated pages)
  • Request an artist (Tons of red links, all about artists, this will be deleted once all of the pages have been created)
  • Music Footers (there have been some artists that already have their own wiki seems like doesn't have a page here yet; also you may take a look at the wikis and see what's missing here, it's obvious)
  • Discogs (containing lots of "old" releases, and some artists as well)
  • AllMusic (similar to Discogs, but something newer)
  • Musicians (upper-tier category for musicians on Wikipedia, take a tour and look for those that are not on this wiki yet)
  • Albums (upper-tier category for albums on Wikipedia)
  • Songs (upper-tier category for songs on Wikipedia)
  • Singles (upper-tier category for singles on Wikipedia)

In consideration[]

Television series that were music-related[]

We're still in consideration of adding television series that are music-related to this wiki. Notably examples being reality competitions like The Voice, etc.