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Artist: A is Jump

Label: Future Appletree

Produced By:



Fitting humbly onto their new label roster (Future Appletree), A is Jump makes the difficult leap from 4-track recording side-project to a signed, touring, full-time band with their first studio produced album. They make the transaction smoothly though, recording with Graeme Gibson (Joan of Arc, Califone) and releasing a quiet yet dense lo-fi pop record that will satisfy the ears of kids today while remaining innately nostalgic. The quintet from Cedar Falls, Iowa have already earned comparisons to Spoon and John Vanderslice, mostly because they create ethereal and atmospheric pop music rather than the sugary, spastic music that is usually defined as pop. My Ice-Fingered Ghost does a good job remaining true to its sound while experimenting and progressing as the album does. An overall decent record that will please everyone from fans of Guided by Voices and My Bloody Valentine to more recent releases like The Decemberists or The Shins. Mpardaiolo