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My Winter Storm is the second solo album by Finnish singer Tarja Turunen, and the first to consist mainly of new and original songs specifically written by or for Turunen. The album was released by Universal Music on 19 November 2007 in Finland, on 2 January 2008 in South America and on February 26 in North America and in the United Kingdom was also released a special version limited in 300 copies.

The album was recorded with the collaboration of various artists, including cellist Martin Tillman, guitarist Kiko Loureiro and composer James Dooley, with Turunen also playing additional keyboards. The album contains several music styles including alternative rock and classical music, and it was recorded in different studios in Finland, Brazil, Ireland, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and the Czech Republic.[6]

My Winter Storm has sold Platinum in Finland and Double Platinum in Russia, and also reached Tarja's first gold disc in her entire career in the Czech Republic; the album spent two and a half months on the Official Finnish Albums Chart, reaching the highest position right during the first week,[7] also spending four months on German Top 100, two months on Swiss Top 100 and also a full month on the Austrian Top 40,[7] ending 2007 at 11th position onBillboard's Top 100 European albums with more than 500,000 copies sold.[8]

To promote the album, Tarja played the Storm World Tour, that took place from Berlin on November 25, 2007, to London on October 19, 2009.[9]


 [hide*1 Track listings

Track listings[edit][]

Standard Edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Ite, Missa Est"   Anders WollbeckMattias Lindblom, Harry Sommerdahl 0:27
2. "I Walk Alone"   Wollbeck, Lindblom, Sommerdahl 3:53
3. "Lost Northern Star"   Kiko Masbaum, Michelle LeonardTarja Turunen 4:22
4. "Seeking for the Reign"   Adrian ZagoritisTorsten Stenzel, Angela Heldmann, Turunen 0:58
5. "The Reign"   Zagoritis, Stenzel, Heldmann, Turunen 4:07
6. "The Escape of the Doll"   Ruud Houweling, Michiel Van Zundert 0:32
7. "My Little Phoenix"   Houweling, Van Zundert 4:02
8. "Boy and the Ghost"   Jessika Lundstrom, Anine Stang, Alexander Jonsson, Lindblom, Wollbeck, Turunen 4:36
9. "Sing for Me"   Kid Crazy, Christel Sundberg, Tracy Lipp 4:16
10. "Oasis"   Turunen 5:10
11. "Poison"   Alice CooperDesmond ChildJohn McCurry 4:01
12. "Our Great Divide"   Wollbeck, Hanne Sørvaag, Lindblom, Turunen 5:05
13. "Sunset"   Zagoritis, Stenzel, Heldmann, Turunen 0:36
14. "Damned and Divine"   Zagoritis, Stenzel, Heldmann, Turunen 4:29
15. "Die Alive"   Wollbeck, Sørvaag, Lindblom, Turunen 4:04
16. "Minor Heaven"   Wollbeck, Lindblom 3:53
17. "Ciarán's Well"   Alex Scholpp, Leonard, Doug Wimbish, Turunen 3:39
18. "Calling Grace"   Masbaum, Leonard, Turunen 3:06
CD/DVD edition bonus tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
19. "Damned Vampire & Gothic Divine" (heavy version of 'Damned and Divine') 5:01
20. "I Walk Alone" (Artist Version) 4:23
21. "I Walk Alone" (In Extremo Remix) 4:31
UK bonus track
No. Title Length
16. "The Seer"   4:16
US CD/DVD edition bonus tracks
No. Title Writer(s) Length
19. "I Walk Alone" (In Extremo Remix) 4:41
20. "You Would Have Loved This(live, Cori Connors cover) Helen Roy Connors 4:08
21. "Damned and Divine" (live) 5:45
Japanese bonus tracks
No. Title Length
19. "Ciarán's Well" (live) 3:48
20. "Our Great Divide" (live) 5:16

Deluxe Edition bonus DVD[edit][]

  • Photo Gallery
  • I Walk Alone (Single Version Video)
  • I Walk Alone (Artist Version Video)
  • I Walk Alone (Making of the Video)
  • My Winter Storm (Making of the Album)

Special Extended Edition[edit][]

My Winter Storm - Special Extended Edition was released on January 2, 2009, as a double CD, bringing a new cover art, some live tracks and mixes and also the new songs "Enough", "Wisdom of Wind" and "The Seer" (featuring Doro Pesch) released as the The Seer EP.[10]

Disc one
  1. "Ite Missa Est"
  2. "I Walk Alone"
  3. "Lost Northern Star"
  4. "Seeking for the Reign"
  5. "The Reign"
  6. "The Escape of the Doll"
  7. "My Little Phoenix"
  8. "Boy and the Ghost"
  9. "Sing for me"
  10. "Oasis"
  11. "Poison"
  12. "Our Great Divide"
  13. "Sunset"
  14. "Damned and Divine"
  15. "Die Alive"
  16. "The Seer"
  17. "Minor Heaven"
  18. "Ciarán's Well"
  19. "Calling Grace"
Disc two
  1. "Enough"
  2. "The Seer" (featuring Doro Pesch)
  3. "Lost Northern Star" (Tägtgren Remix)
  4. "Wisdom of Wind"
  5. "The Reign" (Score Mix)
  6. "Die Alive" (Alternative Version)
  7. "Boy and the Ghost" (Izumix)
  8. "Calling Grace" (Full version)
  9. "Lost Northern Star" (Ambience Sublow Mix)
  10. "Damned and Divine" (live in Kuusankoski)
  11. "You Would Have Loved This" (live in Kuusankoski)
  12. "Our Great Divide" (live in Kuusankoski)
  13. "Ciarán's Well" (live in Kuusankoski)


Credits for My Winter Storm adapted from liner notes.[11]


Band members
Additional musicians
  • Martin Tillman - cello and electric cello
  • Izumi Kawakatsu - piano
  • Lili Haydin - violin
  • Kiko Loureiro - acoustic guitars
  • Czech Film Orchestra and Choir conducted by Jiří Kubík and Jan Brych
  • Dana Niu - lead orchestrator
  • Tea Tähtinen, Toni Turunen, Daniel Presley - backing vocals on "Poison"
  • Kid Crazy - additional keyboards on "Sing for Me"
  • Peter Tägtgren - lead guitar on "Lost Northern Star" (Tägtgren Remix)


  • Daniel Presley - producer
  • James Dooley - orchestral and choir arrangements, co-producer on "Our Great Divide"
  • Mel Wesson - ambient music design and electronic arrangements
  • Doug Cook - recording engineer
  • Dani Castelar, Noel Zancanella, Thiago Bianchi, Helge Van Dyk, Felix Gauder - additional engineers
  • Milan Jilek, Cenda Kottzmann - orchestra and choir recording engineers
  • Slamm Andrews - mixing
  • Louie Teran - mastering
  • Dirk Rudolph - cover art
  • Jens Bold - photos

Charts performance[edit][]