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Ned Miller is an American country music singer. He recorded from 1956 to 1970 and his greatest success is the single "From a Jack to a King", which in 1962 to number 2 on the Country singles chart of Billboard Magazine and climbed to number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100


When Miller was still a small child, his family moved to Salt Lake City. After two years of college as studentMiller worked. He served three years in the U.s. Marine CorpsonOkinawa , Midway, and later in Hiroshima. [1In 1956, he decided to try it in the music. He went into the sea with Fabor Robison, an independent record producer and talent scout. He obtained his first success as a writer of the hit "Dark Moon", the following year. He wrote many other songs including "From a Jack to a King", which he took up in 1957 but that itself was not a success.

Miller had constantly suffered from stage fright and entered do not like he concentrated especially on. on writing songs. In 1962 he convinced Fabor Robison to his recording of "From a Jack to a King" again back. This time it became a big hit, even outside the United States. In Britain reached the second place on the charts in april 1963. The song was also number 1 for four weeks in Norway in 1963. It was the title of his first LP album that came out in 1963 and reissued on Plantation Records in 1981.

Afterwards, he had a number of smaller hits, of which "Do what you do, do well" in 1964 his second and last top 10 single in the Billboard Country singles list was. In 1965 he went to Capitol Records for which he briefly between 1959 and 1961 already had taken up. He had a few small successes, but because of his dislike of touring left the record company him go. In 1970 he released on Republic Records his last record, "The lover's Song". He continued to write songs but still eight years retired afterwards fully back from show business. His wife Susan co-wrote some of his songs.

The German Bear Family Records released an anthology in 1991 with 31 songs performed by Ned Miller, under the title "From a Jack to a King".