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Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Canberra, Australia

Website Link(s): MySpace; PureVolume.Com




Band Members[]

  • Michael Black
  • Ben Haggerty
  • Dominique Chapius
  • Ryan Sharpe

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Band Biography[]

Neptunes Convoy is a 4 piece 80's Disco Revival Band From Canberra, Australia. The band was formed in 2005. It all began one morning when founding members Michael Black and Ben Haggerty decided to jump on a keyboard and make musical bliss. What they first came up with was a musical fusion of both electronica, 80's Disco Revival and their disco influences. The band decided another member was needed so the boys recruited young Dominique Chapius. With both Piano, Bass and Synth credentials to his name he would prove to be a valuable member. Dominique added much needed experience to the band as both original members only used one finger to play the keyboard. Ryan Sharpe was also recruited for various jobs such as recording, getting drinks etc. Ryan didn't play on Neptunes Convoy's first release (Voyage To Saturn) but he will be sure to play a major role in songs to come.

With their first demo out everything is looking positive for Neptunes Convoy, with lots of shows lined up and a growing fan base things are really moving for Neptunes Convoy and don't seem to be slowing down any time soon...



  • Voyage To Saturn



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