Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth cover
{{{Type}}} by Sparks
Released 1974
Recorded 1974
Genre Glam rock, art rock, baroque pop
Length 2:28
2:35 (re-recording)
Label Island
Producer Muff Winwood
Tony Visconti (re-recording)
Sparks chronology
"Amateur Hour"
"Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth"
"Something For The Girl With Everything"

"Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth" is a song by the American rock group Sparks. The song was recorded by the group's mid-1970s 'glam' line-up. It was released in late 1974 as the first single from the group's fourth album, Propaganda.

Plagiarism re-recordingEdit

In 1997, Sparks recorded a new version of the song with the producer Tony Visconti. This introduced strings and a choir. The song concludes their Plagiarism album where it segues from out of the previous track, "The Number One Song In Heaven".

Cover versionsEdit

Depeche Mode recorded a cover version on a single-sided flexi-disc which was sent to members of their official fan club for Christmas 1987.

Martin Gore, the guitarist and songwriter of Depeche Mode, recorded a cover version for his first solo EP, Counterfeit, in 1989.

Nicola Sirkis covered the song as the B-side to his 1992 single "Alice dans la Lune", from the album Dans La Lune.[1]

Johan Johansson created a Swedish version titled "Kärlek & Respekt Till Moder Jord" for his 1994 EP 10.[2]

Karen J. Walsha recorded a version for the Dutch tribute album Amateur Hour (A Global Tribute To Sparks) released in 1999. [3]

Haloed Ghost recorded a version for their 2004 EP, Saw Versions. [4]

Billy Mackenzie recorded a version which appeared on his 2005 album Transmission Impossible.[5]

Paul Roland recorded a version which appeared on his 2005 album Strychnine... And Other Potent Poisons.[6]

Geezerbird have recorded a version for their 2006 album One In The Hand.[7]

Mary Hopkin recorded a version which appeared on her 2007 album Valentine.[8]

Neko Case has a version on her 2009 album Middle Cyclone.[9]

Louis Guidone made a version in 2011 on the self released album Meet Your Maker.[10]

Satie's Faction recorded an instrumental version in 2012 for his album Déjà Vu.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth" — 2:28
  2. "Alabamy Right" — 2:11


Chart positionsEdit

Chart Peak
U.K. Singles chart 13
German Singles chart 40


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