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New wave is a music style. With the term is difficult to classify just about any form of pop music from the period 1977-1988 referred to. "New wave" is also used for music out there in terms of style on seems but that after that period has been released.


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Initially is a synonym for punk new wave at the time of the turning point 1977. Where the term punk more embodies the outer and content of the flow, the term new wave to that there is a new wave in the history of rock and roll, raised by a new generation of musicians.

In general, you could assert that the music dark, compelling and "psychedelic" is. For example, supporters were mostly dressed in black and wore the hair-highly inspired by the punk-short and wild, although often more conventional and more modeled than these, whereby the new wave under the influence of commercialism was socially acceptable and could soon become a fashion for the masses.

The popularity of these contrarian music is seen as a direct consequence of the punk craze. New wave came to fruition in the British Isles and in New York. Inspiration was found in New York for runners as The Velvet UndergroundPatti Smith and Television, in British pub rock, or in avant-garde as CanBrian Eno and Kraftwerk.

Newwavemuziek ranges from the artistic-style pop of Talking Heads to the stark sounds of Joy Division and The Birthday Party. Also- new romanticbands like Duran Duranand Spandau Ballet and post-punk-artists such as Blondie and Ian Dury were initially to the new wave included-still by some-and even the middle-of-the-road group Dire Straits, whose debut album was released in 1977, was a while for a new wave band since. [1]

Well-known representatives are: A-haUltravoxA Flock of SeagullsTalk TalkJoy DivisionThe Sisters of MercyThe CureDepeche ModeEcho & the BunnymenBilly IdolTears for FearsGary NumanElvis CostelloBauhausFischer ZThe Human LeagueSimple MindsBig CountryVisageOMDThe FallABCThe Smiths,Siouxsie and the BansheesCock RobinYazooGrau zoneNew OrderAlphavilleFlash and the PanIndochineThe SoundThe AlarmHoward JonesThe Thompson TwinsPere UbuThe Jesus and Mary ChainWireComsat AngelsTheatre of HateSpear of DestinyRed Lorry Yellow LorryFad GadgetSoft Cell and The Chameleons.


The newwavescene, or subculture, included various musical genres. Newwavers listened in the 1980s both to guitar music such as the Sisters Of Mercy, to electro orEBM like Front 242, as to industrial as Einstürzende Neubauten.

In that sense, the Goth scene of the 1990s was in a sense the successor to the newwavescene of the 1980s. Also those frakken and included the so-called black Goth scene collected various music genres. Although some argue that the term gothic especially refers to deathrock, gothic rock or so guitar music, but in fact, in the years 1990 and 2000 on events in the Goth scene both gothic rockelectroindustrialneofolk as medieval turned.

In the 2000s there was a so-called post-punk revival instead. Since then, some use the term often therefore replacement post-punk, which greatly corresponds to new wave, but more attention to the alternative musicinstead of the popside of the new wave. Typical of the post punk revival, however, is that this music in the ' alternative mainstream ' penetrated (StuBru et cetera) and certainly not limited to the then existing, small subculture of the wave or Goth scene.


Dutch newwavebands were among more Casual AffairsBazookaBlue MurderClan of Xymoxthe DivThe DutchEnde ShneaflietEnsemble PittoresqueFat LornaMecanodrug seller KommandoThe Meteors,Minny PopsNasmakNeelNine CirclesSecret SoundsSocial SecurityUrban HeroesTentBy Kaye + IgnitThe VisitorSammy America's MomLong story shortSerious Desire and W.A.T.

The term new wave calls especially In Netherlands associations with gothic-like bands in the style of The Cure. Supporters of this movement were mostly went to a nihilistic worldview, dressed in black, with black tooiden, getoupeerde hairstyles and often drew a black line under their lower eyelid.

A lesser known post-new wave band (1993-2001) was Life To Us. Some new newwavegroepen from Netherlands are Silence is SexyPioneers of LoveWeekends at Waikiki and Moke. Also fits the band Krezipelements from the new wave to the album Plug It In .



Brussels some time around 1980 was home to international artists such as TuxedomoonAnna DominoAnne Clark and Minimal Compact.

Local talent[Edit][]

Belgian talent that up to the new wave was calculated:


  • In De Panne-Adinkerke/Veurne was the Seaside festival festival dedicated to new wave.
  • Euro rock conducted a lot of wave/gothic-artists.
  • As of 2006, the Gothic Festival in Waregem as the leading event for wave/gothic/electro/industrial in Belgium.

Record Labels[Edit][]

  • Several leading record labels by then were Belgian:


New wave is in the German neue Welle. The resulting from the British punk and new wave music that in the said period in Germany was made, mostly got the label Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW) mounted, which soon became a market understanding. There remained, however, an extensive underground scene (non-commercial arm) exist. Representatives of the more commercial NDW were among other things: DAFGrau zone,PropagandaFehlfarbenNina Hagen BandSpliffTrioUKW and Ideal.

Newwaverevival in 2000[Edit][]


See post-punk revival for the main article on this topic.

After the genre had forgotten for years, was new wave in 2000 suddenly popular again. One uses instead of also the terms the term new wave post-punk or post punk-revival for this music. Possible to designate the starting point in 2002, when The Strokes Is This It the album released. Guitar parts were angular and synthesizers were used.

Dark wave[Edit][]

Another subgenre of dark waveis the new wave. This is an extremely dark genre that after the newwavegolf comes to mind. There is a variant with synthesizers, characterized by dance-rock beats and there is a variant with guitar and synthesizers, characterized by extremely fast played, tightly controlled rhythms.

This genre is popular among the followers of the gothicand the newwavemuziek. Often these supporters black hairstyles and black clothing. The inspirations of darkwave-band are at the darkest newwavebands asJoy DivisionBauhausAnne ClarkGrau zone and more of that kind of groups. Some examples of dark wave groups are WolfsheimClan Of XymoxThe Crüxshadows and Diary of Dreams

Appearance and fashion[Edit][]

The newwavers were in 1980 the "successors" of the punks and were like punks identified by their appearance. In the late seventies and early eighties there was a kind of split in the Punksubculture. From this split is the gothicsubculture arise.- The black dress style of the goths is influenced by many newwavebands. They wore their hair often getoupeerd, such as Robert Smith of the band The Cure or asymmetrical, such asMartin Gore of Depeche Mode. Usually the hair was also blonde, black or even painted white. They wore leather vests and wide pull-overs. The clothing was mostly black. Sometimes, however, they combined this with white or grey clothing. A newwaver also wore jewelry, this was usually an ankh or a Rosary that one carried around the neck. Furthermore, both men and women used makeup.

See also[Edit][]

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