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No Sleep 'til Hammersmith is the first live album by the British heavy metal band Motörhead. The recordings were made for three performances (28 March 1981 in Leeds and 29 and 30 March 1981 in Newcastle). Directly after the release of the album was at number one in the British charts. Partly because of this, this album is considered the beginning of the most successful period of the band. From the latest issue of this album, "Motorhead", a single released, which in England number six took out.

Lemmy, the frontman of Motörhead, has always pronounce against this album, because it was released without the consent of the band, during their first American tour.


  1. Ace of Spades
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Metropolis
  4. The Hammer
  5. Iron Horse-Born To Lose
  6. No Class
  7. Overkill
  8. (We Are) The Road Crew
  9. Capricorn
  10. Bomber
  11. Motorhead

    Bonus tracks (not on original release):
  12. Over The Top (bonus)
  13. Capricorn (other recording) (bonus)
  14. Train Kept-a-rollin' (bonus)